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We also accept your reservation by phone. Please feel free to contact us.
Reservation is accepted until 19:00 on the day before.


Meetings, Dates, Great times with your friends, Enjoy your time with us comfortably.

Current reservation information


After you contact us, we will contact you.
If you have a preferred time slot or a time slot that is inconvenient for you, please leave a note in the message box.

*Please call us for same-day reservations.
*Please note that we may contact you by phone if we do not receive your reservation by email.

Information of business hours.

Mon-sat 10:00-20:00(Only breakfast is sold from 8:00-10:00)
Sun and holiday 10:00-20:00

Sorry,the following schedule is closed for a private party.

  • June 30, 2024
    15:00 to all day
  • Dec. 7, 2024
    15:00 to all day

Seat reservation system

There is an additional charge of 500 yen per person per hour to reserve a seat, in addition to the cost of food and drink.

TablePlease click the number.

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Easy to access from Namba station. For concerts, piano performances, or as an exhibition or banquet space.

  • ※Bookable schedule is up to October 31, 2022.

Current reservation information


The flow of reservation

  1. Pre Reservation

    Please let us know the date(s) you would like.
    Please book a week in advance.
    If the dates you wish to reserve are already booked, you can still pre-reserve them.
    We will inform you of any cancellation by the other party and make them available to you if you still wish to reserve them.

  2. Reservation

    Please fill in the event application form.

  3. Meeting

    Please let us know how you want to run the event and any requests.

  4. Final confirmation

    Please let us know the attendance of the event 3days in advance.
    You will be charged for this number of attendees even if the actual attendance on the day is less.

Available upon reservation of seats and rooms.